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LOHS '77 Reunion 2017

It is not too late to join this reunion hosted by the class of 77!

IT'S OFFICIAL! Join us for our shared reunion. Download this flyer and make sure you send in your check before the prices go up August 15th!

Hello Alumni. We need your help. Class of '76 has been working with the Class of '77 to provide scholarships for 2, 2017 Live Oak High School Grads. They still have some unsold cookbooks where all ... See more

The reunion might be over. But, remember when?

I am trying to get a hold of Janice McCauley. If anyone has her phone #
I would greatly appreciate if you would send it to me in messenger.
Thank you so much. Kathy ?

Doug Wright and his pretty sister

Photos from Crystal Tillmann's post

One night of serendipity for all who attended this Live Oak High School 70's Reunion On October 1st 2016. We all looked fantastic and made the most of this momentus occasion. A lot of planning went ... See more

What a great party and a wonderful group! The class planners outdid themselves and deserve huge kudos.
It was a blast!